To Set the Scene...


The Era:

Early 21st Century Central Louisiana. We find ourselves in a sleepy little southern town. The neighborhood is quaint and old. The people are friendly (if not a bit nosey...), the food is good, and the air is filled with the smell of Gardenias in spring and wood burning in fireplaces in fall. 

The Characters:

The House

Our home is old. Really old. Built in the late 1800's (1898 to be exact), it is of Plantation Cottage style. Once home to my mother and father, it is now home to our primary cast. It itself is a character that will play heavily in this blog, as we are undertaking its renovation. It is quaint, airy, and classic. Think Southern Living with a bit more rust and a few more cobwebs. It has a big front porch, a screened-in back porch, and a large back yard for gardens (and garden parties). 

The Cat

Her name is Penelope, but we affectionately just call her Cat. She's strictly indoor excepting her wild and raucous ventures to the back porch. Hobbies include: meowing incessantly at 6am until breakfast is served, stalking Mockingbirds and squirrels from the safety of the windowsill, kneading her paws on an available lap, and shedding hair all over the place. Her job is to do cat things, and allow me to irritate her. 

The Husband

This is Alan. He is my partner in crime. He is an endless source of inspiration, support, and comic relief. We were married October 10, 2015. He is a retired 1st Lieutenant in the Army, and is headed back to engineering school in the Fall of 2016. His hobbies include video gaming, singing, "Let It Go" at the top of his lungs, drinking, memorizing esoteric factoids, and doing outdoorsy stuff in general. If you ask me, he's a heartthrob.

The Wife

I'm Wallace, and I'll be your narrator. I'm writing this blog to record this ever-unfolding life of mine. Sometimes it feels like a dream; others, well, not so much a picnic. I'm a wine and spirits specialist based in central Louisiana. I enjoy crafting, knitting, and other handicrafts. I spend much time renovating our house, fixin' delicious meals for my friends and family, shaking up some fun and tasty cocktails, and searching out the best places to explore in central and north Louisiana.

The Town

We live in the little southern town of Alexandria, Louisiana. It's old, and has an equally old downtown that's begun the process of crawling its way back to relevancy. We're small, but growing. The people are friendly, the cultural scene is ever-growing, and it serves as the doorway to some of the hidden treasures that central and north Louisiana have to offer.

Our little life is simple but fun. This blog is to show to the world the hidden gems of life down south. There'll be a bit of gardening, a bit of cooking, a bit of nature, restaurants, shops, and scenes. I'll be doing some homemaking, some renovating, and some adventuring! And drinking. There will definitely be some drinking. If you like a good time, let us show you how we do it!