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This blog is to show to the world the hidden gems of life down south. There'll be a bit of gardening, a bit of cooking, a bit of nature, restaurants, shops, and scenes. I'll be doing some homemaking, some renovating, and some adventuring! And drinking. There will definitely be some drinking. If you like passing a good time, let us show you how we do it!

Dreaming of Spain

Dreaming of Spain

I hereby declare this summer the season for Spain. For those in the know (and those that would like to be), Spain is a phenomenally diverse region providing delicious, budget friendly wines that never fail to impress. Perfect for those wonderfully spontaneous porch-sitting parties or cookouts with friends, pick up some bottles now!

Bodegas Mustiguillo "Mestizaje" Blanco 2013

70% Merseguera, 15% Viognier, 15% Malvasia

Say it with me-- Mess-Tease-Ahh-Hey! Literally meaning "mixed breed," this wine is a pet project of winemaker Toni Sarrion of Bodegas Mustiguillo who is on a one-man mission to save the esoteric and near-extinct native varieties of his homeland of Valencia, Spain. As a blend of three fleshy, citrusy white grapes, it is a fine testament to the Merseguera grape and the Spanish-Mediterranean climate as a whole. These estate vines are grown organically at Finca Calvestra at over 900 meters in altitude. They receive the dusty, dry winds of La Mancha during the day, and the changing diurnal winds chill the grapes in the evening, creating great balance and acidity. Bodegas Mustiguillo and its unique efforts were recognized in 2012 by Wine and Spirits Magazine as one of the top 100 wineries in the world. 

What's in the Glass?


Viognier makes its presence known on the nose, offering lush apricot, white flower, and honeysuckle followed up with a chalk dust whisp.


Golden-straw coloring sways romantically in the glass due to the viscosity of all three grapes. It's bright and glossy. 


Lush peachy flesh and orange blossom sing first, followed up by rich lemon oil and passionfruit with hints of lychee. The dusty limestone soils come through after, balancing nicely against the wine's citrusy acidity. The wine lingers happily in the mid-palate finishing with hints of key lime pie and a touch of briny ocean air.


We're going to pair this with some seared sea scallops atop garlic and olive oil-tossed pasta with artichoke hearts, olives, and sundried tomatoes. Another great option would be grilled shrimp with lots of lime zest and sea salt.

Oven-Poached Seabass with Miso and Mirin

Oven-Poached Seabass with Miso and Mirin

Mama's Creamy Artichoke Soup

Mama's Creamy Artichoke Soup